Thrift Store!

I used to turn my nose at thrift stores.  I only shopped at them when  I needed an “ugly sweater” for an upcoming party.  These last few purchases may have changed my mind

1) BCBG Dress-Price $1.

2) Anne Taylor Camisoles-$1 each

I remember eyeing these EXACT same camisoles at Anne Taylor Loft.  They were approximately $28 each.  I bought both of these for $2.  I do not think the BCBG dress or camisoles were ever worn!  $3 for name-brand, never worn clothing? Heck, yeah!  Look for upscale consignment shops in your area! You may be surprised!  Just don’t spend your money on items you DO NOT need.  That would be a waste.


15 Comments on “Thrift Store!”

  1. Mrs. Weber says:

    Dang girl – you make thriftin’ look GOOD. 😉 Great finds! I also love thrifting – especially for fun home goods to repurpose and for baby clothes.

    • ihavetriedit says:

      Ha, thanks! I thought about cropping my head out of the picture, because I feel weird modeling on my blog. I decided a headless body would be stranger! Whatever. I’ll take the modeling chance while I can 🙂

  2. Kristi says:

    GREAT dress!

    I’ve been planning on riding my bike up to our nearby thrift store for some new jeans. I need some camisoles too, wonder if they have any of those? I know they have awesome prices. Now I REALLY want to go!

  3. Thrift stores are the way to go! Some of my favorite jeans and shirts I found at thrift stores gently or never been worn before. I can’t justify buying clothes from a store for $50-$100 when you can find them for $15 or less at a thrift store.

  4. WOW!!!! You look HOT and amazing in your dress!! Good job on the great finds! –

  5. stacybart says:

    Smart girl! You should be glad you figured this out when you are young. There are many great designer finds when you are thin. Most people donate good quality clothing when they “grow out” of that size. You can save tons on fancy dresses, leather jackets and home goods.

    I started thrift shopping out of necessity, but now I enjoy the thrill of finding that great designer item for pennies on the dollar. Sometimes I find great things and some days not. Here are a few do’s and don’ts:

    -Try everything on: It’s no different than trying on things at the store.
    -Don’t buy anything stained or ripped unless you are really good at sewing and the tear is just a tiny seam.
    -Don’t buy a decorative item unless you know exactly where to put it.
    -It takes time but you can find really great designer buys. If I’m looking for jeans, I grab all the Lucky’s I find first, then sort through them to find if any are in or near my size.
    -Do go often. Things change constantly.

  6. sheerglitz says:

    i LOVE this! I have a thrifting album on my FB page, some ppl think its weird but i get the most compliments on my thrift stuff! People are crazy not to check out thrift stores, i’ve gotten so many gems there!

  7. sheerglitz says:

    Also I have a post “Commandments of Thrifting”, if you have time, read it and let me know if theres any “commandents” you go by when thrifting! Love the dress BTW

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  9. Max Power says:

    I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores. You find stuff that looks brand new. Why pay a lot for a shirt when you can get it for $6.00 or less.

  10. […] art form has existed for decades, but I used to turn my nose at it.  Then, I found this BCBG dress and these Anne Taylor Loft camisoles while volunteering at a local upscale retail store (a fancy […]

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