Repurpose Your Furniture and Save

I have a love-hate relationship with this piece of furniture.  I discovered this tower of drawers tucked away in our guest bedroom after my hubby and I had been married a couple of months (he owned a home before we were even dating.)  I decided I wanted to paint these drawers red.  I did.  They turned out pink.  I coated the pink with more paint to make it RED.  It didn’t work.  See picture below.

Due to the salmon/pink color I decided to sand the whole piece.  It took a million hours.  Okay, It probably took me about 15 hours of hard labor, but it felt like a million.  Now, I have this wonderful set of drawers that we keep small objects in.  I’m pretty sure it is supposed be a cd holder.  Who keeps boxes of cd’s anymore?  Look around your house.  I’m sure there are items you could spruce up and repurpose.


8 Comments on “Repurpose Your Furniture and Save”

  1. It looks awesome!! Good work babe!

  2. You did a great job! And if you are looking to save some extra green on those CDs…

    1. Rip them to MP3 on your computer (so you keep the music).
    2. Donate them to your local library. (tax deductible donation).

    It beats the “yard sale” for guaranteed benefit.

  3. We keep our CDs and I REALLY wish we didn’t. Sigh….

  4. shwalsh says:

    I hear you on the sanding forever issue. I started sanding some old storm doors in July….and I just about finished them this past weekend. Granted I didnt work on them the whole time, but man I hated that job!

  5. MomMom Hill says:

    I love it!!! I’m all about redoing old furniture… and I have this thing about putting furniture in rooms of the house where they might not normally go. I have this six-drawer dresser in our kitchen and I know it sounds weird, but it looks so amazing in there… and it’s extra storage for our kitchen stuff- our apartment has ZERO storage. Great posts on here. Thanks for sharing

  6. sheerglitz says:

    I must say i love all your pictures on your posts! Always original and fresh.

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