Last night I fell in love with vinegar.  I have had a spotty dish problem since August.  Dried dish washer detergent and hard water stains have been plaguing my glasses, plates and silverware.  After switching soap, rinse aid and water heater settings, I succumbed to the fact that I was doomed to hand-washing my dishes.  Then, a wise soul suggested  adding a  cup of vinegar to the bottom of the dishwasher mid-cycle.  I tried it.  My glasses came out spotless for the first time in three months!  Because of this success, I have decided I’m never going to buy rinse aid again.  What’s the point?  It never saved my dishes from spottiness anyway.  Plus, it’s more expensive then white vinegar.  Go HERE, for more tips regarding the use of vinegar.  I plan to try few of the suggestions out.  I’m sure my new-found love for white vinegar will only increase.

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3 Comments on “Vinegar”

  1. I have used vinegar for so many things. I love it. It is so versatile. I have used it to clean, to get rid of a stain, to do laundry, and to whiten clothes. It is so cheap too. Way cheaper than other cleaning agents. Glad you have fallen in love with it too.

  2. Products you use in your dishwasher also bake onto your dishes! Ew! So vinegar is also the healthy way to go as well! YOu wont consume as many toxins… which yes are everywhere! But hey, one down at least!

  3. rachelhale10 says:

    I just discovered my love for vinegar the other day and I love it! I had a mildew/lime problem with my shower head at home (hubby and I are not the best with these things) and I just put about a cup of vinegar in a sandwich bag and tied it around bag bag and shower head, let it soak for a half and hour and it looks like new again!

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