How Much Are You Spending on Soda?

I’ve been drinking Diet Coke since I turned 20.  I LOVE it.  I know it is not nutritious.  I also know it is a money-waster.  Therefore, I’m proud to say that I have not bought a 12 pack of Diet Coke for 2 weeks.  Our grocery bill is really going to decrease.

If you or your family drinks one 12-pack of soda a week (name-brand), you are spending approximately $259.48/year .

Here’s the math

$4.99 (cost of 12 pack) x 52 (number of weeks in a year)=$259.48

If you drink one bottle of soda from a vending machine 5 times per week, you are spending approximately $325/year. 

Here’s the math

$1.25 (cost of bottle from vending machine) x 5 (number of work days/week)=$6.25 x 52(number of weeks in a year)=)=$325

It’s the little things that add up, folks!  No wonder Coco-Cola is such a profitable company.  People are spending hundreds of dollars on their product every year without even realizing it.

28 Comments on “How Much Are You Spending on Soda?”

  1. Kristi says:

    Yep, you’re so right. I quit buying soda for my house years ago, and rarely drink it while I’m out. I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE Diet Coke like you do, but as I got older, my stomach couldn’t handle it anymore. I tried to keep drinking it but eventually I made the switch to kombucha, because honestly, it’s the carbonation that I really love, and it’s so cheap to make. Plus, it’s probiotic, which has always been something I need in my diet.

    Good luck on your “breakup” with Diet Coke–it ain’t easy, sister!

  2. Lea White says:

    You are very right indeed! And it doesn’t help that it is actually rather addictive and that’s how they keep getting people to come back. A hard one to give up!

  3. The Kegman says:

    It does add up very quickly, but it’s rather hard to break free from tradition. As Lea mentioned, it’s the addiction and temptation that’s hard to overcome.

  4. MomMom Hill says:

    Now if only you could hammer that home for my husband to read!!! Aye! The man is addicted to pop!!! (Sorry, Ohio born… “pop” just sort of stayed with me)

  5. Some in my house still struggle with this one. There is an intermediate step, which helps the hopelessly addicted put down the can: Knock-offs. If you switch first to the generic version of your soda, you can cut the 12-pack price to around $3 per.

    No, it does not taste the same. It will curb those pangs for carbon and caffeine. In the end, you will put them down because they do not taste the same.

    Bonus? You will enjoy it much more when you have it from the fountain in a restaurant.

    Great post!

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  7. thenouveaupoor says:

    I love Diet Coke, too. It’s one of those cost-saving items I miss. But not only are we saving money without it, we’re also saving money on dental bills!

  8. Melissa Birk says:

    What do you plan on replacing your Diet Coke habit with?

  9. Since I can’t control my husbands soda addiction, I have started buying 6 pack bottles for my hubby to take to work. He is under strict instructions to only take one a day. This reduces the cost from $1.25 a day to roughly 50 cents a day. Every little bit helps!

  10. rmv says:

    soda is probably the single worst item in the whole supermarket. disturbing chemicals included. try for root beer because the natural root it’s made from is full of flavor, so there are fewer chemicals added.

  11. stacybart says:

    Definitely agree about the cost for sugar water. I only buy soda on occasion, on sale. I usually make a pitcher of iced tea with regular sugar and put it in the fridge (Two teabags, hot water, sugar and ice. The trick is to put the sugar in and mix it when the tea is still hot). Everyone drinks it when they are thirsty enough!

  12. cmmarcum says:

    Great Blog. I think I’ll subscribe.

    Here’s a fact about soda: Soda contains phosphoric acid. Detergent use to have phosphoric acid, but it has been banned, after a petition by some union of plummers, because it causes too much damage to water pipes. Humph, think about that one too long and it will freak you out.

    Soda has been tentatively linked to fibromyalgia.

    I use to be addicted too, but I gave them up a year ago. Once in a while I’m caught in a situation where I drink one, but it never tastes as good as I remember.

  13. leanneveitch says:

    Augh. You’re talking to the choir here.

    Every so often we quit the soft drink…then it creeps back into our home gradually. It’s like a continual war we have to wage against our own poor judgement.

    It costs heaps. And all it is is sugar and water, or chemicals and water 😦 I’m not sure which is worse.

    • ihavetriedit says:

      I KNOW what you mean. I’ve tried quitting numerous times. The cost has really been motivating me lately! I haven’t bought a 12-pack for over a month and only treat myself to a bit of Diet Coke on special occasions!

  14. Only By His Hands says:

    Wow, although we don’t drink soda that often, that is alot of money being spent. How much money could we spend helping others instead of drinking something that can clean toliets and car batteries!!!

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  17. […] I've been drinking Diet Coke since I turned 20. I LOVE it. I know it is not nutritious. I also know it is a money-waster. Therefore, I'm proud to say that I have not bought a 12 pack of Die…  […]

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