Organization and Contact Lenses…

I wear disposable contacts. Throwing them out after two weeks of wear is a must. Over the past few months I’ve found myself scratching my head and asking myself, “Did I open this package 1 or 2 weeks ago?”  I’ve thought about keeping a little calendar in my make-up bag, but I came up with a better solution. Here it is.

1) Find a DRY ERASE pen.

2) Write the date you open the contacts on the corner of your mirror.

3) Make a dash EVERY time you wear them (see picture below).

4) Throw contacts out when your two weeks are completed (or per your doctor’s recommendation).

5) Simply erase the marks on the mirror and start over!

Due to this system, I no longer wear my contacts too long or throw them away too soon. This saves my eyes and my money!

I also write surprise notes to my husband, reminders and lists on my mirror! Just make sure you are using a DRY ERASE pen.

5 Comments on “Organization and Contact Lenses…”

  1. Kristin says:

    My roommate and I write notes to eachother on our bathroom mirrors all the time (and reminders to ourselves!). It’s a very handy way to keep track of things. 🙂

  2. Even though washable markers do the same thing, the humidity in the bathroom makes them run. Great solution!

  3. veghotpot says:

    I wear daily contact lenses but I always feel bad throwing out the little packs they come in every morning!
    I like the idea of writing on the mirror- I’d write to remind myself what to take with me to work each day because I am constantly forgetting things! x

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