Petroleum Jelly Uses


Did you know that there are multiple uses for petroleum jelly? It’s cheap, effective and lasts a long time. This big old jar of jelly is well-worth the few dollars it costs.

List of Vaseline uses I have tried and like:

1) Eye Makeup Remover. Dab it on eyelids and wipe. This simple action will save approximately $6-7 (the cost of eye makeup remover at Wal-Mart).  It also moisturizes your lashes.

2) Minor cut protectant. I’m almost 30 and still cut myself when shaving. I’ve dabbed this substance on angry razor cuts MANY times. (Please remember that vaseline is for MINOR cuts and abrasions).

3) Heel Softener. Lather feet with petroleum jelly before bed and when changing socks. Your feet and future nurses will thank you. (I’ve seen some nasty feet in my day)

4) Cuticle and Hand Saver. No explanation needed for this one.

5) Fly Away Hair Fixer. I like to wear my hair in a side-part ponytail. If I don’t have any hair gel handy I’ll smooth a miniscule amount of vaseline on fly aways. Stray hairs are calmed instantly. Don’t use too much or it will look greasy.

6) Lip Softener. Dab a bit of this on your lips before bed. Wake up with soft, moisturized lips.

7) Eyebrow Perfecter. Smooth those stray brows into place! Dab a bit on the brows and comb them into place with a miniature make-up brush.

Vasoline Uses I WILL Try:

1) Watermark Remover. Apparently, it is possible to eradicate that ugly glass ring on your coffee table.

2) Tear Stopper. Rub a small amount of vaseline on your cutie’s eyebrows when washing their hair. It will help keep the soapy water from running into their eyes.

You can also make you own lip-gloss with Vaseline. Amazing!

Do you have any handy-dandy petroleum jelly tips?


2 Comments on “Petroleum Jelly Uses”

  1. Nice blog…great advice ..especially the contact lens- marker mirror- I tend to forget as well when to change my contacts.

  2. I put it on my heels sometimes, but I’ll have to try it on my eyes. Some eye makeup remover won’t even take off my mascara.

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