Eating Quaker Oats

Most money-saving blog authors advise ditching dry cereal for oatmeal since it is cheaper (not to mention HEALTHIER). I like oatmeal, so this change was not hard for me to incorporate. After eating oatmeal every day for a month, I began to wonder how much money this change was really saving. So, I did a price comparison. This is what I found.

I chose to compare Post Raisin Bran and Quaker Oats.  Here’s the math.
Post Raisin bran costs $4.49 for 12 servings.  4.49/12= $0.37 per serving x 7 (days in a week)= $2.169 per week
2.169 x 52 (weeks in a year)=$136.20

If you eat one serving of Post Raisin Bran every day for a year you will spend $136.20. (this calculation does not account for sales reductions).  Let’s face it.  Most people PROBABLY eat more than one serving of cereal daily. I’m not going to include this fact in my computations.

Quaker Oats costs $5.49 for 30 servings.  $5.49/30=$0.18 (cost per serving of Oatmeal).  $0.18 x 7 (number of days in a week)=$1.28/week.  $1.28 x 52 (number of weeks in a year)=$66.61.

If you eat one serving of Quaker Oats every day for a year, you will spend $66.61.

Switching to Quaker Oats could save $69.58 cents per year.  ($136.20-66.61=$69.58)

If three people in a household switch from cold cereal to oatmeal,  that family would save $208.74/year.  ($69.58 x 3 [number of people in household]).

I think the switch is worth it.  I haven’t convinced my husband, yet 🙂  Maybe, if I show him the math…

*These calculations do not include sales tax. Items listed  are both name-brand.  Neither were on sale*


8 Comments on “Eating Quaker Oats”

  1. Yay for oatmeal!! We don’t eat it every day, but we do eat it a lot, and I only buy boxed cereal on occasions. I think oatmeal is more filling too. I’m glad you did the math. I knew oatmeal was cheaper, but never added up the difference.

  2. ihavetriedit says:

    Yep, it’s definitely cheaper! Thanks for commenting!

  3. I love oatmeal. But since I shop with coupons and get cereal for under $0.75/box, oatmeal is actually more expensive. We don’t eat it as much as we use to. On average we spend $0.64 for a box of cereal and stock up when they are on sale. I rarely see great oatmeal sales with coupons!?! Not sure why that is, but I do miss oatmeal! Many of the cereal sales use online printable coupons, too. So it’s really easy to stock up on these sales and save even more than purchasing oatmeal.

  4. Only By His Hands says:

    Awesome! And since oatmeal can be used to make breakfast cakes, granola, and granola bars you can save money on those items too! I make granola or granola bars every week, for less than $1.50 (and that’s includes dried cranberries or chocolate chips and nuts)!!!! For a family of 6, 1 box of granola bars for $2.5+ only gives everyone – 1 bar.

    Thanks I am enjoying your tips!!! Save, Save, Save!

  5. […] I swapped cold cereal for oatmeal-This saves me approximately $69.58/year (more if I buy […]

  6. sarasimply says:

    I have oatmeal but it never gets eaten.. its good on chilly mornings though.. but a box of cereal is just easier.. I have about 20 boxes of cereal in my pantry at any given time and I refuse to pay more than $1 a box, more like .50 cents! Plus I get bored with the same-ol same-ol day in and day out.

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