A Couple Of Girls I Met On a Service Trip

How does giving fit into saving?  This is a difficult question to answer.  I am definitely not an expert.  I DO know that there are many families in the world who have no money to save or budget.  They do not even have food, water or much of a future.  This breaks my heart.

I have visited poverty-stricken people in Brazil, Turkey and Vietnam on service trips.  The conditions they live in SPUR me to give.  Their stories cause me to think twice before purchasing frivolous items.  I have been forced to wonder why I am so blessed.   Thus, I am compelled to give.

Did you know you could change a family’s future by giving 2 chickens for $25?  You could also give the gift of clean water for the same price. This astounds me.

I am impelled to help poverty-stricken people due to my experiences. You may not feel the same way. I do urge you to think about giving to an organization you believe in. This could be your church, The Salvation Army, and etc.  HERE are 12 great giving quotes from a blog written by someone who really knows how to save!

One Comment on “Giving”

  1. sarasimply says:

    Giving is very important, but I am a firm believer to help locally and once all children in America never have to think about going hungry then I will give internationally.

    I would suggest calling your local school district and see if they have a snack-a-pack program. My mom heads up the one in my home town (a pretty small town) and they send home a bag full of food each weekend to kids in the school district who probably wont get a good meal at home, they are healthy snacks that kids can prepare themselves that don’t have to be refridgerated. There is only have 3000 in the school district and they send it home with over 200 elementary school kids each week! The best part is a group of students raise the money and pack the bags each week, its amazing to see them touched as citizens in the town donate money (one guy gave $100 and told the kids that there are a lot of people who go without so those who have should share.. I know it really moved those middle schoolers … they talked about it all afternoon! )

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