5 Easy Changes that Can Save Over $1900 in One Year

I’ve peppered this blog with money-saving tips.  I decided to add up the tangible amounts I’ve written about and see how much I will save in a year.

Here are the switches and the savings:

1) I swapped cold cereal for oatmeal-This saves me approximately $69.58/year (more if I buy generic).

2) I quit drinking Diet Coke-This will save me $584.48 (I used to drink WAY too much of this…WAY too much).

3) I quit using swiffer products-$78.52

4) I started watching the thermostat like a crazy woman.  Our electric bill has dropped approximately $100/month depending on the weather.  $1200/year.

5) I started paying for gas with cash.  I have estimated that this will save $60/year.  I will total this up at the end of my month.  Read about my experiment HERE.

Are you ready for the grand total?  I will save $1992.58 in a year if I continue to follow the aforementioned changes.  Can you believe that?  The numbers are very inspirational. Small changes REALLY add up!

ps-Click the links above to see the math for each number!


2 Comments on “5 Easy Changes that Can Save Over $1900 in One Year”

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  2. Thank you for showing the savings. Many people scoff at the small numbers, but the addition of those numbers adds up to a tidy savings by the time you are finished!

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