Yesterday I shopped at the mall. After spending a few hours looking for what I needed, THIS is how I felt:

1) Harried. I live in the most densely populated state in the nation. Malls (and the parking lots) can be rather chaotic. Screaming kids, stressed mothers plus unaware shoppers constantly bumping into one another is NOT a recipe for peaceful, happy feelings:)

2) Stressed. As I looked at the beautiful clothing that adorned all of the mannequins, I began to worry about my own attire. I questioned, “Do I wear my boots correctly with my jeans?” “Should I weigh less?” The mannequins with legs the width of a child’s arm REALLY cause one to wonder…

3) Discontent. Even if I were given an entire new wardrobe YESTERDAY, I’m pretty sure I would still feel like I needed something if I went shopping today…

I just discovered a blog named Step Away From the Mall I think the title of his blog says it all.  Happy Reading!


15 Comments on “The MALL”

  1. Good Post. I spend way too much time at the mall, and the more I go, the more $$$ I spend.

  2. Angela says:

    I hate the mall…and shopping. LOL I’m not the typical girl. I usually leave the mall feeling like I need a xanax and a stiff drink! 😛

  3. Kristin says:

    I’ve done all my Holiday shopping online this year, and I will say, it has helped me stay on budget because (for the most part) I’m not browsing. I know exactly what I need, I find it, I buy it. I went into Kohl’s to pick up one item, and ended up grabbing something a little extra for my roommate because it was cute and 80% off (even though her gift was already in the “done” category.)

  4. Pretty Little Budget says:

    I’m with you! My mother can tailor clothing and taught me early on that the quality of construction has declined over time. That’s why a vintage dress from the 1950s is often more wearable and in better condition than something made last year. I go twice a year, if that. There’s just too many people spending too much money on too many disposable/degradable items.

  5. <<would rather be flogged than go to the mall! When I absolutely have to go, I do it at closing time. I have to rush and no time for expensive browsing and eye-catching 'buy me' centers.

    Skipping the mall is a great way to reduce holiday stress!

    • ihavetriedit says:

      Yes, we bought A LOT of gifts online this year! When my husband and I did shop at the mall together, we were READY to leave within an hour! There were TOO MANY PEOPLE there (it probably doesn’t help that we live in NJ!)

  6. I haven’t been to the mall in a long time, probably because there really isn’t a good one close to us in Chicago. The mall is really crazy and I agree, I think it causes people to want to shop and buy things they don’t need. Our Christmas presents this year came from Target, two local shops in Lincoln Square, and Etsy. 🙂

  7. ihavetriedit says:

    There’s not a good mall in Chicago? That really surprises me!

  8. […] still love new shoes, sweaters and every other type of outfit.  I also enjoy the mall (when it is not crazy-busy with screaming children and haggled mothers running into me), but […]

  9. […] the end of the year? Nothing. So, I’m sticking with my promise to save….even if Target, the Mall and other sneaky businesses do entice me on a daily basis. Next year, I will have an extra $240 in […]

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