Thrift Store Find

I tried something new this year.  Thrift store shopping.  I know.  This art form has existed for decades, but I used to turn my nose at it.  Then I found this BCBG dress and these Anne Taylor Loft camisoles while volunteering at a local upscale retail store (a fancy thrift shop).

I happened upon this sweater a couple of days ago.  It’s made with Angora fur and is SUPER soft.

I know it doesn’t look FABULOUS in this picture, but believe me. It is. Maybe if I gathered all the excess fabric, and pinned it onto an anorexic mannequin, it would seem more stylish?  This seems to be The Mall‘s approach.  But, I digress….


5 Comments on “Thrift Store Find”

  1. Ha! Love the anorexic mannequin comment. And I bet it’s easier when you know where the upscale thrift store is and you volunteer there. But I’ve recently started thrifting a little myself. I haven’t found anything awesome, but definitely, I’ve picked up a few pieces that work for now.

  2. leanneveitch says:

    Thrift stores can be awesome, especially in the bigger cities, and in out-of-the-way places.

    I’ve also found that shopping online is a big winner. I’m based in New Zealand, and at the moment the US dollar is low, so buying from US sites, especially with the discounts that they’re offering, is so much cheaper than anything the malls here have to offer. Even paying international postage it works out a LOT cheaper.

    The more I shop online and in thrift, as well as secondhand via eBay and similar, the less I like the malls.

    Congratulations on your finds – enjoy them, and Happy Christmas!

  3. […] may think I’m cheap because I use vinegar as hair conditioner or because I get excited about good thrift store finds ( I would have thought this a year ago). I don’t really care. My husband and I are […]

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