Surviving the Winter With a Thermostat Nazi

Today, I was discussing my recent morph into a thermostat nazi with a friend.  She stated, “I don’t know HOW you keep your thermostat so low [64 degrees]!”  Here’s my survival tips for those of you who live with someone that watches the thermostat as fiercely as I do:

1.  Utilize a space heater.  (Please make sure you are following ALL safety rules if you decide to do this!)

2. Plug-in in a heating pad. Use one when you are reading, typing, studying etc.  It will keep you toasty.

3.  Cozy up to your pet.  I currently own one of the most cuddly pets in the world.  This is GREAT when it’s cold outside.

4). Check the utility bill every month. The savings you glean will spur you to press on.

Do keep in mind that we are a childless household…We are ABLE to keep our home at a cooler temperature at this point.


8 Comments on “Surviving the Winter With a Thermostat Nazi”

  1. leanneveitch says:

    I’m still not great with saving enegry – I love to have the house toasty warm. But one thing I have learned is the importance of not heating the areas you don’t use. So, for example, during the day (I’m a stay at home farming mum), I close off everything except the kitchen and dining room, where I work, and just heat those areas.

    Insulation also makes a huge difference. We’re getting the underneath of our house insulated this year, and it should make a huge difference. There are big rebates available in most countries now, that are worth checking out too 🙂

  2. patsquared2 says:

    Great post about one of the running debates in any marriage. I used to be cold all the time and the thermostat went up and down like a yo-yo. But then i got hot flashes. My husband now refers to our bedroom as Ice Station Zebra!

  3. sarasimply says:

    We havent even turned ours on yet this year! We have a radiator space heater and cart it from room to room.. our hours sits at about 68 in the room where the heater is and about 65 or less everywhere else.. well worth the savings!

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