RIP Heating Pad

Remember how I  keenly advised people how to survive the winter when living with a thermostat nazi?  Last night I was preparing to watch an episode of Modern Family.  I dutifully plugged in my heating pad, grabbed a cup of tea and eagerly waited for the comedy to commence. Then it happened.


I turned to my husband and asked, “What was that?”

He replied, “It sounded like a fuse.”

This conclusion didn’t make sense since all lights were still shining brightly and a lame Lexus commercial played in the background (you  know the one where some significant other receives a Lexus for Christmas?)  I smelled smoke.  So, I looked at my heating pad.  The end of the cord was charred.  Apparently, I twisted the cord ONE too many times.

Thankfully, nothing or no one started on fire.  I am a little sad that I have to purchase another heating pad.  That one has been in my life almost as long as my husband!  Maybe I’ll follow the safety precautions a little more carefully this time!  I advise you to do the same.


9 Comments on “RIP Heating Pad”

  1. Jessica Lightly says:

    Glad there were no sparks and fire like there was with your hair dryer. You should really be more careful with your appliances. 😉

  2. Milt says:

    BE GRATEFUL. This could have happened in bed when sleeping. Now that would be warm feet for sure.

  3. LOVE my heating pad. Our apartment is at 60 during the day when we’re at work/on weekends we’re not home, and 65 at night. The only time we bump it up is on the weekends we have my stepson (to 68/70) and we will in a couple weekends when my niece stays with us.

    My sister had a heating BLANKET with automatic shut off. Try that! 🙂

  4. thisiskassia says:

    Aww, the same thing happened to me with my heating blanket. I totally fried it by using it way too often at Max temperature. Hahaha! I used to use it in bed to warm my feet – but now I’ve found these:

    Hopefully the microwave booties will help with your Thermostat Nazi tendencies! Hahahah!

  5. Sarra says:

    I recently bought a mattress pad .. I put it under my bed sheets and it is amazing. I can turn off all the heat at night and be actually hot.. I end up turning it down. I find that the electric blanket is not practical for me. It can ball up and then it is hard to wash. It makes it very difficult to keep it vs. the mattress pad. Well worth the money and way more practical.

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