Vinegar Hair Rinse

Last night I arrived home from our Christmas vacation. After sitting in a car with a miniature snauzer snoozing on my lap for hours, I decided it was time for a shower.  Unfortunately, my hair conditioner stash was depleted.  So, I tried a tip I learned from reading a variety of blogs. I rinsed my hair with vinegar.  I have actually known about this vinegar use for months, but have always been doubtful about the efficacy of the exchange. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised when I brushed my hair and it was tangle free! I’m excited to try this apple cider vinegar recipe I read about here!


One Comment on “Vinegar Hair Rinse”

  1. […] people may think I’m cheap because I use vinegar as hair conditioner or because I get excited about good thrift store finds ( I would have thought this a year ago). I […]

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