Here’s To The Little Things That Really Add Up

Over the past few months I’ve learned how much the little things really add up. I used to flippantly spend a lot of money without even knowing it. I continually justified my purchases with “’s just a few dollars.”  I didn’t realize how much I was spending on piddly items until I started going over the bills with my husband. Here’s a list:

1) Subway-this sneaky restaurant used to eat my paycheck alive. Bag your lunch. Those $5 footlongs will take a serious chunk out of your savings if you eat at this restaurant often.

2) Soda-I’ve harped on this subject a lot. I wish I could get some of the money I spent on this product back…

3) Groceries. I cut my expenses by cooking with more beans and rice. I also reduced the amount of meat I purchase.

4) Cleaning Products. Vinegar is a lot cheaper than commercial products. I use it to clean everything except counters that have come in contact with raw meat.

5) Flippantly turning the thermostat up or down.  A few months ago I became a Thermostat Nazi.  I was shocked at the amount of cash I saved when I set the thermostat a few degrees warmer in the summer/cooler in the winter. Seriously. Our bill dropped by $60-100 per month.

Some people may think I’m cheap because I use vinegar as hair conditioner or because I get excited about good thrift store finds ( I would have thought this a year ago). I don’t really care. My husband and I are paying the bills with one income AND saving money. That’s pretty exciting.


10 Comments on “Here’s To The Little Things That Really Add Up”

  1. patsquared2 says:

    Love this list and use all of these tips. One addition about beans – they are a great source of protein, have an incredibly low glycemic index (perfect for my diabetic husband) and make you feel satisfied after you finish your meal. Oh, BTW – Crescent Dragonwagon (yes, her real name) is about to release her new cookbook called Bean by Bean – out in the next 2 weeks. She is thee “passionate vegetarian” (another cookbook), a wonderful writer, and an all around nice person. Amazon is offering pre-order for under $12!

  2. Red says:

    I am certain you are measuring the detergent…That is another gaping hole sewn shut in your budget!

  3. Mary Jean says:

    Thanks for the concise list. I’ll keep it handy and use it!

  4. Have you or any of your readers found a good replacement for soda? I still miss it and haven’t found anything I like as well. Although I know water is better for me! I like Good Earth tea, but it’s kind of expensive, too.

    • ihavetriedit says:

      We started buying really large bottles of flavored seltzer water. I like it because it has the fizz of soda without calories or artificial sweeteners. It is also much cheaper. I always buy the kind that is on sale. Usually we can purchase a 33.8 oz bottle for around $.40.

      I’m also a fan of tea, especially in the winter months. I’ve always like plain old Celestial Seasonings.

  5. […] of whether it’s worth it to pinch pennies and watch small expenditures carefully, I found this article very interesting.  She says,  I used to flippantly spend a lot of money without even knowing it. […]

  6. […] Well, now I know it does. $20 x 12=$240.  Once again proof that the little things really add up. […]

  7. Sarra says:

    I use coupons for cleaning sprays and shampoo and all kinds of hair products, even groceries. I love getting things for free and I stock up big time when I find free items.

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