Target. The Money-Saver’s Nemesis

1) Organization tools that give even the messiest person hope for an orderly life.
2) Inexpensive but chic decor.
3) Makeup that promises to hide all flaws for a few dollars.
4) Tank-tops/shirts/dresses/swimsuits that only sneak a few benjamins from your wallet.

These are just a few reasons I rarely step foot in this store, anymore. I like it TOO much. Yesterday, I fell in love with a lamp, bedside table, a few pieces of wall art and a myriad of organizational bins. Pat me on the back. I was strong and did not buy a single item I did not need. However, I’m still imagining how much better my home would look if I had purchased them! Anyone else feel this way?


7 Comments on “Target. The Money-Saver’s Nemesis”

  1. Angela says:

    I love Target!!! I stay out of there too. lol

  2. We love the Target too. I was just putting the receipts from the holidays in my checkbook today and there was like 7 Target receipts. We get half of our groceries there! Do you have their card to get an x-tra 5% off? We also shop for their coupons. If I could just get a job there this marriage would be complete!

  3. Red says:

    The secret savings at Target is having your own shopping bags. They take a nickel per bag off your purchase if you bring your own. And they do not have to be Target bags, either. I have been using canvas or recycled shopping bags for years. If you shop often, it adds up rather quickly.

  4. Any tips for remembering to bring your bags INTO the store?

  5. […] with at the end of the year? Nothing. So, I’m sticking with my promise to save….even if Target, the Mall and other sneaky businesses do entice me on a daily basis. Next year, I will have an […]

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