Why I Quit Watching What Not To Wear

I used to love watching “What Not to Wear.”   The bizarre combinations of clothes people chose before their big style transformation entertained and sometimes shocked me.  The hosts of the show, Stacy and Clinton, proved to be amusing.   They were also miracle workers. After 30 minutes of viewing I usually asked myself, “How does the person I saw at the beginning of the show now look like THAT?”

After a while, I started noticing how discontent I felt after tuning into the show.  I yearned for new pointy shoes, coats tailored for every occasion and cute yet sophisticated outfits.  I wanted to shop and buy more.  So, I stopped watching.

I still love new shoes, sweaters and every other type of outfit.  I also enjoy the mall (when it is not crazy-busy with screaming children and haggled mothers running into me), but I’m glad I don’t watch What Not To Wear anymore.  I’m more satisfied with the clothes I already own.  Someday when my future children’s education is paid for and I no longer have to worry about my mortgage…I’ll tune into their program again.

Are there any shows that make you want to spend your entire paycheck?


14 Comments on “Why I Quit Watching What Not To Wear”

  1. After watching HGTV, I want to buy another house! 🙂

  2. Jeanne says:

    I will only watch the show when there is absolutely nothing else on TV because it does make me wish I had a 5,000 visa card to spend in NYC! Until then I will continue to shop with thrifty in mind!

  3. I went through similar feelings and stopped watching a while ago. Stacy and her “shut up!” was a contributing factor as well. It’s amazing just how those shows affect people. And I found it funny that I never really figured out what to or not to wear my self, even though people of similar body type had been on the show… Maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention…

  4. leanneveitch says:

    I know I sound like a weirdo admitting this, but I don’t watch TV. Never. We have freeview (no cable) connected, so we can get about half a dozen channels, and see TV news if anything big happens, but I can’t remember the last time I sat down and watched TV. Well over a month ago.

    I think I save *heaps* of money that way. I’m sure if I watched more, I’d want more. I wear clothes I like, keep *vaguely* in fashion, but avoid mass media apart from the net.

    So yep, I totally understand your decision. Any show centered on fashion is going to have the effect of making you want more. It’s human nature.

  5. I actually really like the show – for the sole reason that there is always that moment where the woman on there really FEELS BEAUTIFUL. It’s really powerful.
    I am always thinking though — like really? You’re having TROUBLE spending $5000 on clothes in NYC? That would take me all of twenty minutes!

    • ihavetriedit says:

      I the point you make is one reason many love the show. I enjoyed that part of it also. It still made me wish I was the one being made over, though. Guess I’m a selfish person!

  6. Freedom, by the way says:

    I like this show, though I only catch it once in a while. I love shopping, but I am currently living in a very rural area so a real shopping trip is something that must be planned in advance. It saves a lot of money not having the temptations in my path everytime I get in my car. And of course, living in a rural area, you are not expected to be oh-so-fashionable at WalMart or the gas station. Folks think you’re snotty if you dress up too much, so the fashion only comes out for business meetings in the city (I work from home) or trips.

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