Decreasing Gas Bills…

Remember how I suggested hang drying clothes instead of drying them?  

Well, this last month laziness won over thriftiness and it showed on our monthly gas bill (we own a gas dryer). My husband opened the statement and stated,

“What? How did the gas price increase by $20?

I replied, “That has to be wrong! We were out of town for a week!”

We scrutinized the bill and realized that it was indeed correct! I remembered that throughout the past month I began throwing the clothes in the dryer instead of hanging them. I justified myself by saying,

“It can’t make that much of a difference.”

Well, now I know it does. $20 x 12=$240.  Once again proof that the little things really add up.


4 Comments on “Decreasing Gas Bills…”

  1. Sarra says:

    You mentioned you were out of town for a week… so that $20 would have been for 3 weeks then. Meaning you actually roughly average $7 a week.. meaning almost $30 for a month and almost $375 a year.

  2. Janelle says:

    We moved into a house from an apartment last December and our gas bill was super high and our water bill was pretty good. Now that we (really me, because I get cold!) haven’t been turning the heater on our gas bill is down to $20 a month! Buuuut our water bill is going up steadily. Apparently to have green grass, you have to water it…. Have you found that during certain months of the year certain bills are higher than others?

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