I Tried It: DIY Drawer Divider

My work out clothing has never been organized. It’s always bothered me. So, I tried Design Sponge’s DIY idea. I made my own dividers out of cardboard, except I didn’t measure because I don’t believe in using measuring tapes 🙂  Here are the directions, step by step:

1).  Hold cardboard over drawer and estimate wear you need to slice it (or your can measure if you REALLY want to), by slitting it with an exacto knife.  (Do this with all four pieces of cardboard)

2)  Cut a slot into the tops of the cardboard that will serve as your base.  Do the same to the cardboard that will help divide your drawers, except cut the slots into the bottoms of those.

3)  Fit all the pieces together and organize your drawers!!  Super easy!!


Slit cut with an exacto knife…believe me, it doesn’t have to be very exact!!




The finished product!


ahh…I can find stuff in my drawers!!


I would say this project was worth the effort! I even labeled the compartments when I finished. Now my husband can’t tell me he doesn’t know where my clothes go when we’re folding laundry!

Money Saved-At least $10. I own a couple of drawer dividers that cost $12 for a pair.


4 Comments on “I Tried It: DIY Drawer Divider”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Awesome idea! I’m going to have to try this one.

    One other thing I’ve done is used small shoe boxes and shoe box lids to organize things in my drawers. That’s been super-helpful for me.

  2. keepitneat says:

    Hi – stumbled on your blog recently and enjoying reading! Love this idea too – we did something very similar recently. We used cut up gift boxes from Christmas to organize our junk drawer – check out the pics (http://keepitneat.wordpress.com/2012/01/04/all-in-a-weekends-work/ and http://keepitneat.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/hny-hbd-mky/). It’s ultra-satisfying because it costs nothing!

    Looking forward to see what you try next!

    -Keep It Neat

  3. katejohns says:

    Can’t believe how short your blog entry was. But i loved it. Loved the drawer idea. Thinking of trying Pinterest!!

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