Gift Conundrum

My husband’s birthday was last week. I did not buy him a present. Wondering how I could be so heartless? Well, here’s an explanation for my seemingly callous action. We set up a gift budget at the beginning of the year and decided not to give each other Christmas gifts. I assumed this rule applied to our birthdays. I was wrong.

I saved a few bucks by failing to buy my husband a birthday gift, BUT I did not strengthen our marriage with this choice! I just wanted to point out that saving money is important, BUT so are relationships! 🙂 Has anyone else made an epic mistake like this? I’d love to hear about it.

*my husband was not mad at me for not getting him a gift. he’s amazing like that*

12 Comments on “Gift Conundrum”

  1. Did you give him a card? Or nothing at all?

    My birthday was last week, and my husband gave me a card with a thoughtful and loving note inside. That was it and that was all I needed. I think my husband and I are very unique, but we’re just not about giving each other gifts. We’ve been like that since we’ve started dating.

    I actually never thought about it as a way to save money, but I do like writing to my husband and reminding him how I feel about him, and reading similar from him.

  2. Always tough! Me and my hubby don’t typically exchange gifts for Christmas or birthdays either. I always though we were the “odd ones” but based on the reply from sharknthewater I guess not. 🙂 It’s great it didn’t bother your husband though!

    • ihavetriedit says:

      I don’t think my parents really gave each other gifts. My husband’s family is into gifts, though. I think gifts are fun. I don’t think my husband is really a gift person, though

  3. patsquared2 says:

    You are one smart woman so you know that marriages don’t rise and fall over forgotten gifts. I wrote about my marriage because people call it “magic”. My post tells how much is magic and how much is work. I think you’ll like it and it might ease your mind a bit about the gift.

  4. MomMom Hill says:

    My husband and I also do not exchange gifts- for Christmas or birthdays. As a way to save money and also as a way to keep the amount of stuff we have in our home in check. We do exchange cards and I love to read back on cards from the past and letters we wrote to each other. Every marriage is different and I think it’s nice that you and hubby now know what works for yours 🙂

    As a side note: Im not sure if youve read the book by Gary Chapman “The 5 Love Languages.” I have a short post under my marriage section on that book and actually posted the quiz for people to take to see what their love language is and also their spouse 🙂 One of the love languages IS Receiving Gifts (NOT to be misinterpreted and seen as materialistic in any way- it’s so much more than that)… hope you get a chance to check it out if you don’t already know youre Love Language.

  5. Freedom, by the way says:

    Even during lean years I always get my husband a gift–even a little one. He is like a child about presents–he just loves something to open!

    Regarding MomMom’s reply about The 5 Love Languages, I purched the 5 Love Languages of Teenagers. I highly recommend his books, as well.

  6. Bryan and and I always seem to miscommunicate about gift giving. I’ll think we’re going cheap at the same time he goes all out. Then the next event I’ll go all out and he’ll be surprised because he thought we weren’t doing anything….Oh well, at least someone is always getting a nice present. 🙂

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