I Tried It: DIY Drawer Divider

My work out clothing has never been organized. It’s always bothered me. So, I tried Design Sponge’s DIY idea. I made my own dividers out of cardboard, except I didn’t measure because I don’t believe in using measuring tapes ūüôā ¬†Here are the directions, step by step:

1).  Hold cardboard over drawer and estimate wear you need to slice it (or your can measure if you REALLY want to), by slitting it with an exacto knife.  (Do this with all four pieces of cardboard)

2)  Cut a slot into the tops of the cardboard that will serve as your base.  Do the same to the cardboard that will help divide your drawers, except cut the slots into the bottoms of those.

3)  Fit all the pieces together and organize your drawers!!  Super easy!!


Slit cut with an exacto knife…believe me, it doesn’t have to be very exact!!




The finished product!


ahh…I can find stuff in my drawers!!


I would say this project was worth the effort! I even labeled the compartments when I finished. Now my husband can’t tell me he doesn’t know where my clothes go when we’re folding laundry!

Money Saved-At least $10. I own a couple of drawer dividers that cost $12 for a pair.

Make Your Own Drawer Divider

Yesterday, I gushed over pinterest. I know. ¬†I’m way behind. ¬†The world probably ¬†realized how great the site was 5 years ago!

I did find a gem of a blog via pinterest, though. ¬†I’m very excited because it includes a picture tutorial on how to make a drawer divider out of cardboard. ¬†CARDBOARD! ¬†I’ve drooled over drawer dividers for years. ¬†NOW I can make my own for FREE! ¬†Who knew?!?

Next week I’ll attempt (I’ve never been good at measuring!) to make these handy gadgets and post the results! ¬†No more spending $6 per plastic ugly divider at Bed, Bath and Beyond and no more messy drawers.


I secretly dislike the lamp shades in my master bedroom. I know. This is a minor problem, but I think I may have found a solution. Pinterest. This site is CHALK-FULL of frugal yet creative ideas! Here are some other reasons I love this site:

1) There are inspirational ideas for EVERYTHING. Not only can I look up a pin on how to fix my drab lamp shades, I can learn how to organize the cans in my kitchen and make my own wall art.

2) There are so many DIY tutorial’s. (This is a frugal person’s dream!)

3) The site lead me to some other blogs I am in love with.

So, before you go buy a new lamp shade, light fixture, piece of art or etc…check out Pinterest. You may be able rig up something you like on your own and save a few benjamins while you are at it!

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*I was not paid to write about Pinterest.  I just tried their site and really like it!


Someone recently told me that it would cost $50,000 per year¬†to send her twins to college (This number is based on 2013 tuition).¬† Yikes.¬† How does one ever save up for that kind of expense?¬†Please tell me, because¬†I am contemplating returning to school. It won’t cost me $50,000, BUT it will take some dough.¬† I’ve juggled the pros and cons in my head nearly 500 times.¬† I have not been able to answer the following¬†questions.

1) Will a more advanced degree increase the chances I will be hired in this economy?  I work in health care.  I thought I was set for life with the degrees I already have.  I learned this was not true when I moved to a different state.

2) Will going back decrease the amount I will be able to give my future children for their advanced degrees?  Or will I be able to help them MORE because of the investment I put in my own education.

Blurg.¬†¬†Such difficult questions!¬† ¬†I’m sorting through my decision day-by-day.

Do you plan on paying for your children’s (or future children’s)¬†advanced education?¬†¬† Did your parents help you with your degree?

Keep Your Kitchen Towels ON the Rack With this Tip

We recently moved into a home with no towel racks in the kitchen. I used the bar on the oven door, but the towels constantly slipped off. It was driving me crazy! So, I thought of a solution! ¬†I clipped my towel into place with a clothes pin! ¬†Ta-Da! ¬†I’m so glad I thought of this, because I was thinking about buying a towel rack from Bed, Bath and Beyond. ¬†This is way cheaper and I don’t have to drill any holes in the wall!

Mini Kitchen Hamper

A few months ago, I quit using paper towels. ¬†Due to this fact, I started accumulating dirty rags at the bottom of my staircase. ¬†(My laundry room is upstairs and the kitchen is on the first level.) ¬† So, today I spent the rest of my Christmas gift money on this cute little magazine holder. ¬†I call it my mini kitchen hamper because that’s what I re-purposed it to be. ¬†It cost $16 at Target, which is probably what I used to spend at Costco for a large pack of paper towels. ¬†I like this mini-hamper WAY better and definitely don’t miss spending cash on paper just thrown in the trash. ¬†Do you think it’s crazy I don’t use paper towels, anymore? ¬†I know a lot of people do! ¬†Tell me what you think.

Decreasing Gas Bills…

Remember how I suggested hang drying clothes instead of drying them?  

Well, this last month laziness won over thriftiness and it showed on our monthly gas bill (we own a gas dryer). My husband opened the statement and stated,

“What? How did the gas price increase by $20?

I replied, “That has to be wrong! We were out of town for a week!”

We scrutinized the bill and realized that it was indeed correct! I remembered that throughout the past month I began throwing the clothes in the dryer instead of hanging them. I justified myself by saying,

“It can’t make that much of a difference.”

Well, now I know it does. $20 x 12=$240.  Once again proof that the little things really add up.

STEWing it Over

Recently, I was asked to post more recipes and research cloth diapers. After stewing it over, I decided to start with the easy assignment. What do recipes have to do with saving money?  A lot.  I really decreased our food bill by planning, making lists and preparing different types of foods.  I have found that stews/soups are easy to make and usually yield left-overs. The ingredients are reasonably priced, also.

Here is a link to one of my new favorite recipes, Slow-Cooker White Bean and Kielbasa Stew. (Hence, the title of ¬†this post) ¬†My husband rates it a 9/10. It’s healthy, easy to make and relatively inexpensive. Happy Cooking!

*I usually use turkey kielbasa. I also leave the spinach on the side since I’m not a big fan of leafy greens IN my soup. I’ve also added rice and chicken to make left-overs stretch further. ¬†That’s the beauty of stew…it’s so versatile!

How Is the New Year Treating Your Resolutions?

Yesterday, I noticed the gym was emptier than last week. Some people must have given up on their resolutions already. Wow. It only took 7 days.

I will admit that there are some resolutions I posted on this blog that I’d like to kick to the curb. For example, I decided to save $20 of MY personal spending money every month. There’s a billion things I would love to do with that measly sum of money.

If I had not resolved to save it, I would buy a new shirt or some snazzy organizational bins. I’d sample a few tasty drinks from Starbucks or a bottle of wine. Yet, what would those purchases leave me with at the end of the year? Nothing. So, I’m sticking with my promise to save….even if Target, the Mall and other sneaky businesses do entice me on a daily basis. Next year, I will have an extra $240 in my pocket. I know that is not a lot, but it’s better than nothing!

Sometimes, I need some inspiration to save. I find that reading other money-saving blogs encourage me to quit spending money. Here is a link to a blog I recently found, down$withdebt. Happy reading!

Gym Etiquette

Wondering what to do at the gym? Good! Exercise away. Just don’t commit any of the following indiscretions listed below! I’ve witnessed (or endured) some less than polite actions recently. Some cause head scratching and others teeth clenching/tongue biting. Here we go folks:

Head Scratchers

1) Is it okay to choose a cardio machine located directly next to a stranger when there is an identical unused piece of equipment located elsewhere? Personally, I like a little space. Apparently, others like to cozy right up to fellow-exercisers…hmm. Maybe they are racing me?

2) Can you brag about leg pressing an enormous amount of weight when you only bend your knees two inches? I would have to say “NO!” Although, I chuckle when I see people do this. I don’t find it amusing when these people don’t bother to put their weights away after they finish their “leg-press,” though.

Teeth Clencher

1) Is it inconsiderate to save equipment with a towel or water bottle for long periods of time? I think it is! The other day someone ran up to me and said “I still have three sets left on that cable.” I figured he was finished because he had vacated the machine. Apparently, not! I wanted to retort, “Well, I only have two.” I didn’t though ūüôā

All that being said. Please exercise. It is an investment in your health and financial well-being. Just be polite!

Have you tolerated any rude behavior at the gym? I’d love to hear about it!