Uses for Old Cardstock Paper

Once upon a time, I was a scrapbooker. Then snapfish was invented. My scrapbooks did not compare to the digital type. They also took WAY too much time. Thus, I have a lot of card-stock paper left. Here’s what I’m doing with it.

1) Gift Tags

To make this type of tag, simply out line half of a Christmas tree on a folded piece of cardstock. Cut it out. Attach it to another piece of cardstock. Label it and your done!

I love putting people’s first initial on their gift tag. It really personalizes the gift!

2) Thank You Notes


I love making these cards. It utilizes a bit of creativity and saves a lot of money! Have you checked out the thank you card prices at Target lately? $4-6 per 12 pack. That’s 33 to 50 cents per card. I’ll stick to my homemade ones, unless I have to write an exorbitant amount of thank-you notes!

3) Love Notes
Sometimes I’ll surprise my hubby with a cute note in his lunch (or etc). My handwriting looks way better on pretty paper!

Did you know you can also make your own envelopes? Go HERE.

What do you do with your left-over cardstock?