Thrift Store Find

I tried something new this year.  Thrift store shopping.  I know.  This art form has existed for decades, but I used to turn my nose at it.  Then I found this BCBG dress and these Anne Taylor Loft camisoles while volunteering at a local upscale retail store (a fancy thrift shop).

I happened upon this sweater a couple of days ago.  It’s made with Angora fur and is SUPER soft.

I know it doesn’t look FABULOUS in this picture, but believe me. It is. Maybe if I gathered all the excess fabric, and pinned it onto an anorexic mannequin, it would seem more stylish?  This seems to be The Mall‘s approach.  But, I digress….

How To Hang A Sweater

I abhor ironing (click HERE for wrinkle releaser recipe).  I also do not like donning a sweater with funny bumps on the shoulders formed from plastic clothes hangers.  I needed a sweater storage solution. My sister came to the rescue and taught me how to hang my sweater correctly.   My fall fashion apparel is no longer wrinkly or sporting a shoulder goiter (my junior high friends always referred to the bump as a goiter…it stuck with me).  Hanging my sweaters correctly has increased their longevity which therefore decreases my clothing bills.  It’s a win-win situation.

1) Start by folding sweater in half

2) Place hanger under the arm as pictured

2) Place clothes hanger under the arm as pictured

3) Fold bottom half of sweater over the hanger

3) Fold bottom half of sweater over hanger

4) Do the same with the sleeves

5) Tuck sleeve under bottom portion of hanger

6) Hang and enjoy a wrinkle/goiter free sweater!

*My sister learned this technique from Rachel Coleman