Stay Married. It Saves You Money.

I came across a blog post named “55 Painless Money Saving Tips.” One of the 55 suggestions is, “Stay Married.” I considered the point a funny one for a financial blogger to make. Yet, I knew he was right. Divorce costs a lot of money, not to mention it is an emotional torturer.

My husband and I are VERY happy. I PARTLY attribute this to the fact that we PREPARED for marriage. I can not tell you how many times I have talked with fellow married friends who stated, “You discussed that before you were married?” I’m always baffled that they did not.

I always advise people to go through the “Getting Ready For Marriage Workbook” before taking the big plunge. It definitely prepares you for what lies ahead!

This book will prepare you in numerous ways:

1) Financially-It’s impossible to have any financial skeletons after going through this book (unless you lie, which would not be a good way to start a marriage.)

2) Emotionally-You will discuss the way your spouse communicates,  how they deal with conflict, their background and so much more.

3) Sexually-I’ll let the workbook cover these details!

4) Religiously- You’ll cover 50 different questions regarding your religious beliefs

5) Randomly- Because of this book, my husband and I do not fight over chores.  We agreed who would do what before we got married.  This is just one small aspect of how the book ‘randomly’ helped us.

Our marriage is not perfect, but we think it is pretty great!

*This blog reflects the opinion of the author. Please understand that all information or opinions gleaned from this blog are done so at your OWN risk*

*If you are in a un-safe relationship or a victim of abuse, PLEASE seek help.  I am NOT advising anyone to stay in a un-healthy situation!*