Make Your Own Drawer Divider

Yesterday, I gushed over pinterest. I know.  I’m way behind.  The world probably  realized how great the site was 5 years ago!

I did find a gem of a blog via pinterest, though.  I’m very excited because it includes a picture tutorial on how to make a drawer divider out of cardboard.  CARDBOARD!  I’ve drooled over drawer dividers for years.  NOW I can make my own for FREE!  Who knew?!?

Next week I’ll attempt (I’ve never been good at measuring!) to make these handy gadgets and post the results!  No more spending $6 per plastic ugly divider at Bed, Bath and Beyond and no more messy drawers.

Keep Your Kitchen Towels ON the Rack With this Tip

We recently moved into a home with no towel racks in the kitchen. I used the bar on the oven door, but the towels constantly slipped off. It was driving me crazy! So, I thought of a solution!  I clipped my towel into place with a clothes pin!  Ta-Da!  I’m so glad I thought of this, because I was thinking about buying a towel rack from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  This is way cheaper and I don’t have to drill any holes in the wall!

Mini Kitchen Hamper

A few months ago, I quit using paper towels.  Due to this fact, I started accumulating dirty rags at the bottom of my staircase.  (My laundry room is upstairs and the kitchen is on the first level.)   So, today I spent the rest of my Christmas gift money on this cute little magazine holder.  I call it my mini kitchen hamper because that’s what I re-purposed it to be.  It cost $16 at Target, which is probably what I used to spend at Costco for a large pack of paper towels.  I like this mini-hamper WAY better and definitely don’t miss spending cash on paper just thrown in the trash.  Do you think it’s crazy I don’t use paper towels, anymore?  I know a lot of people do!  Tell me what you think.

Decreasing Gas Bills…

Remember how I suggested hang drying clothes instead of drying them?  

Well, this last month laziness won over thriftiness and it showed on our monthly gas bill (we own a gas dryer). My husband opened the statement and stated,

“What? How did the gas price increase by $20?

I replied, “That has to be wrong! We were out of town for a week!”

We scrutinized the bill and realized that it was indeed correct! I remembered that throughout the past month I began throwing the clothes in the dryer instead of hanging them. I justified myself by saying,

“It can’t make that much of a difference.”

Well, now I know it does. $20 x 12=$240.  Once again proof that the little things really add up.

RIP Heating Pad

Remember how I  keenly advised people how to survive the winter when living with a thermostat nazi?  Last night I was preparing to watch an episode of Modern Family.  I dutifully plugged in my heating pad, grabbed a cup of tea and eagerly waited for the comedy to commence. Then it happened.


I turned to my husband and asked, “What was that?”

He replied, “It sounded like a fuse.”

This conclusion didn’t make sense since all lights were still shining brightly and a lame Lexus commercial played in the background (you  know the one where some significant other receives a Lexus for Christmas?)  I smelled smoke.  So, I looked at my heating pad.  The end of the cord was charred.  Apparently, I twisted the cord ONE too many times.

Thankfully, nothing or no one started on fire.  I am a little sad that I have to purchase another heating pad.  That one has been in my life almost as long as my husband!  Maybe I’ll follow the safety precautions a little more carefully this time!  I advise you to do the same.

Cheap Exercise Equipment…

I love/hate this exercise band! It works the gluteal muscles like none other! I bought one like this at Target for approximately $1. It’s cheap and it works. Who could ask for more?

Go HERE for exercise instructions.

*This blog reflects the opinion of the author. Please understand that all information or opinions gleaned from this blog are done so at your OWN risk*

The Importance of Measuring

I recently realized I was using WAY too much of the following:

1) Laundry Detergent
2) Dishwasher Detergent
3) Cleaning Products
4) Coffee Creamer

I discovered this because I started using those handy gadgets called “measuring cups and spoons.” Apparently, I have been using 2-3x the recommended “serving size” of each product listed above. That means I have spent 2-3x the amount of cash needed on these products over my lifetime. Good thing I’m still youngish:) Seriously. Use your measuring tools.

Money Saving Gadget #4

I think we all know that using a clothes line saves money. I live in a town home and this is not possible. PlUS, we have environmental allergies. Hanging our clothes outside would not be a healthy move. So, I have started using two drying racks. I bought the one pictured above at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was $20, but I had a $5 coupon. Therefore, my total cost was $15.

I’ve been using my dryer racks since I saw our first utility bill (we recently moved to NJ). I was shocked. It was approximately $160! Luckily, our bill was only $39 last month. I attribute this drastic drop to many life-habits I’ve changed, including the use of my dryer racks.

Do you know how much it costs to run your dryer every year? According to this site , it costs approximately $130/year depending on the cost of electricity in your area and the number of loads you do. I KNOW that this is not a huge chunk of cash. Yet, it’s the little things that add up, folks! PLUS, if you hang dry your clothes, they will look less worn.

Don’t think I’m a dryer-hater! I will never hang my bath-towels on the rack. I tried it once and did not like the itchy feel. I also don’t air-dry my husband’s work shirts. That would require too much work in the ironing department! When I do use my dryer, I make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible. Here is a great tutorial regarding this topic.

*This blog reflects the opinion of the author. Please understand that all information or opinions gleaned from this blog are done so at your OWN risk*

Money-Saving Gadget #3

I love my space heater. It keeps me warm and allows me to save on electricity. Who could ask for more? Just make sure it’s SAFE. I don’t usually use mine for long…just enough to get the chill out of my bones. I also use a heating pad…which is even cheaper! It keeps me warm, even when my home is only 64 degrees F. I have mentioned before that looking more closely at your utility bill will help save money! We decreased our bill from $160 (july) to $39 (august). I realize that heating/cooling is directly affected by season, but you can still DECREASE your monthly bill by analyzing your habits. Here a couple of questions you should ask.

1) Do you put on a sweat-shirt BEFORE turning the heat up? You should because increasing the temperature one degree above the recommended setting could increase your bill by 4%. I found this statistic HERE.

2) Do you adjust the thermostat before going to sleep or leaving the house? Think about using more blankets and LESS heat. This will save you.

I hope this encourages you to look for alternative/additional ways to keep yourself warm!

*This blog reflects the opinion of the author. Please understand that all information or opinions gleaned from this blog are done so at your OWN risk*

Sonicare Toothbrush

I have a secret.  Feel special because it is one I’ve only told my husband and dental hygienist.  I used to be convinced I would have to start wearing dentures in my 30’s. Kind of a weird fear, right? Well, I grew up drinking well water. This means I did not have any fluoride in my water. Thus, I began living a life filled with cavities. I brushed, scrubbed and gargled with fluoride rinse but it was all for naught.  I still had a cavity EVERY time I visited the dentist (which was a lot because of my poor teeth).

Fast forward a few years. My hubby bought me a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush. Guess who has not had a cavity since? Me. I’m so proud. Therefore, I’ve concluded that using a Sonicare toothbrush is essential. Yes, there is an upfront cost, but staying out of that dentist chair has really saved me time and money. Plus, I don’t see dentures anywhere in my near future. What a relief.

*This blog reflects the opinion of the author. Please understand that all information or opinions gleaned from this blog are done so at your OWN risk*