Cheap Dates

My hubby and I have an entertainment budget.  This has forced us to get creative.  Here’s some tips!

a) Have an Appetizer Night–  Plan the menu and make it together.  This is entertaining and costs a lot less than going out to eat.

b) Play Board Games-We like to play Ticket to Ride, Scrabble, Scategories and others.  Find a game you both like!  This is KEY when planning a FUN cheap date.

c) Hike –Explore your area of the country.  I bet you will be surprised what you’ve been missing by not hiking all of these years.

d) Bake- My hubby and I made cookies on our second date together.  We still enjoy baking after three years of marriage.

e) Go to an Ice Cream Shop– Find a local ice cream shop and give them your business.  It’s fun, cheap and tastes good.

f) Bike

g) Coach- Are one of you good at a particular sport?  Teach your significant other.

h) Walk the Dog- My husband and I have found some great parks while walking our dog.

i) Play Outdoor GamesLadder toss, frisbee golf, Kubb,  and Cornhole are a few good ones.

j) Go to Barnes and Noble- Grab a coffee and find books you both want to read.  Discuss with one another…or just sit and read together.  I don’t think this date ever gets old!

Anyone have any ideas to add to the list?  Comment away!

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