A Calorie Counter

Did you eat one too many cookies at Grandma’s house this Christmas season?  Want to track your calorie consumption and exercise minutes for free?  Try SparkPeople.  I recently started using this site.  Here’s why I love it:

1)  It counts fat grams, carbohydrate and protein amounts.  I’ve always watched my caloric intake, but never know if I eat enough protein or etc.  Now I know down to the exact gram.

2)  It tallies water consumption.

3)  It spurs me to stay on the treadmill longer.   Knowing that I have to track my exercise minutes motivates me to run longer.

4) It is easy to use.

Here’s to a healthy New Year!  Hopefully this post will help you stick to your New Year Resolutions!

*I was not paid to advertise for SparkPeople.  I just really like their website!