I secretly dislike the lamp shades in my master bedroom. I know. This is a minor problem, but I think I may have found a solution. Pinterest. This site is CHALK-FULL of frugal yet creative ideas! Here are some other reasons I love this site:

1) There are inspirational ideas for EVERYTHING. Not only can I look up a pin on how to fix my drab lamp shades, I can learn how to organize the cans in my kitchen and make my own wall art.

2) There are so many DIY tutorial’s. (This is a frugal person’s dream!)

3) The site lead me to some other blogs I am in love with.

So, before you go buy a new lamp shade, light fixture, piece of art or etc…check out Pinterest. You may be able rig up something you like on your own and save a few benjamins while you are at it!

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*I was not paid to write about Pinterest.  I just tried their site and really like it!

2 Comments on “Pinterest”

  1. I love Pinterest, especially to save ideas for my future kids. I showed my husband how it worked over the weekend. I feel like it should be more popular than it is, but it’s not too too social based, and I think that’s why.

    I’m ktinchicago if you want to follow my boards. 🙂

    • ihavetriedit says:

      Pinterest is amazing! I’m pretty sure that it is mostly used by women, though. I believe I have seen ONE male user! ha ha….I guess guys don’t like to pin pictures of pretty rooms or etc.

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