A Little Motivation…

Sometimes my will to save money falters. Bad days tempt me to spend. How about you?

When my will power is starting to fail, I read posts by fellow bloggers who are also trying to squirrel some cash away. Their words usually inspire me to keep my credit card tucked in my wallet.

Enjoy. Hope these blogs motivate you!

Budgets are Sexy Their blog will make you think.

DottieDomestic-Her blog will inspire you to count the sheets of toilet paper you use. Wow!

How I Save Money.Net. I just found her blog today. Gotta love the clear skin tips, too.

Design Sponge This blogger really knows how to DIY! I love DIY because it can really save some dough.

4 Comments on “A Little Motivation…”

  1. patsquared2 says:

    I know those days when my fingers itch and my evil twin keeps whispering, “It’s only $20. Go ahead, Buy it.” So hard to resist at first but believe me, it does get easier. And thanks for the mention! You put me in good company, your blog included.

  2. I placed my credit card in a Tupperware container, filled it with water, and put it in the freezer. I wasn’t going to wreck our checking account by impulses or ATMs. The CC was truly only for emergencies. And it needed to thaw.

    Sorry to hear about his B-Day. We should celebrate each other in a marriage, I think, unless the money is going to a greater good.

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